Circular Economy 4 Africa is a demand-driven and results-oriented consortium of multi-stakeholder actors who share the aim of contributing to the global transition towards a Circular Economy through joint action in Africa. CE4A focuses on the development of circular thinking, waste management and recycling, and the creation of sustainable, inclusive, quality, green jobs.

Our values and approach

As a multi-stakeholder organization, we have a collaborative, synergies focused approach, respectful of all needs, values and goals. We seek solutions that benefit all and that contribute to the flourishing of local ecosystems in Africa, and to the transition to a global circular economy.


What is the Circular Economy ?

Brief introduction


We join forces to solve problems/ create solutions engaging all interested parties, building on their knowledge, experience and commitment to contribute to the transition to the Circular Economy.

Our actions contribute to the development of businesses and their ecosystems while contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, we have the following SDGs in focus: Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action, Life Below Water, Life on Land, No Poverty, Decent Work, Gender Equality, Sustainable Cities and Communities.


Through our rich network, we create synergies between African and non-African companies and other key stakeholders

Resource Development

We mobilize both financial and infrastructure resources in the form of funding, logistics and digital resources

Policy Recommendations

With the power and legitimacy of one voice, we share insights and provide advisory support to policy makers

Capacity Development

Knowledge transfer is key and we help build the right market and technical capacity for sustainability

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We aim to join forces with partners from around the world and across all sectors.
We welcome all partners committed to the development of the circular economy in Africa.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to support the transition to a global circular economy by creating knowledge and developing joint projects between international and diverse stakeholders which create positive environmental impact and quality jobs for Africa's growing workforce.

Why important, why now

The transition has begun :

In the context of the continuing dramatic evolution of environmental, social and economic challenges, the need for a rapid transition to a Circular Economy is now widely acknowledged, as is the fact that it requires appropriate integration into the planetary ecosystem, the inclusion of all persons, and unwavering focus on meeting the real life needs of the human community today and tomorrow.

African challenges and opportunities  :

Africa’s population is growing rapidly and will reach 2,4 bn by 2050 - one quarter of the world’s population. At the same time, income and consumption per capita are projected to grow. This development comes with opportunities as well as challenges. The rapid economic growth starting from a point at which certain infrastructures and systems are not fully in place yet, allows to develop and introduce innovative systems and solutions and the avoidance of “mistakes” that have been made in other parts of the world.

Waste Management, Recycling - and Circular Thinking  :

The development of an efficient waste management and recycling sector is not just a decisive prerequisite towards accelerating the transition to a Circular Economy, but provides enormous potential for the creation of local green jobs, improvements in health, safety and quality of life for the local population, and the preservation of the environment including the adaptation to and mitigation of short-term and long-term climate change risks. The waste management and recycling sector offers great potential for creating innovation, growth and green jobs in Africa.

Consortium Background

The emergence of this association is a direct outcome of a workshop hosted in July 2020 by the GIZ Special Initiative Invest for Jobs: "Strengthening the value chains of plastic, organic and textile waste flows in Ghana, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Kenya by promoting cooperation between local and European economies"

Founding Members